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Give user sudo privilege

sudo allows a permitted user to execute a command as the superuser or another user


INSTALLING SUDO Before you use sudo, you will need to download and install it through the debian package manager (apt-get) as it is not included with the a fresh debian wheezy/jessie install. apt-get needs to be ran as root or issued with the sudo command (once it's installed.) Log in with su root

user@debian:~$ su root Password: root@desktop:/home/user#

Install sudo with the package manager apt-get.

linux@desktop:/home/linux# apt-get install sudo

Enter the root password and press y when it asks to confirm the download/installation.

USING SUDO Sudo should now be installed. You can now execute commands as a superuser from your less privileged user, without needing to log in as root. This will not work for all users, only users who have been added to the sudoers group. This can be done with the adduser utility. Usage: adduser user group

root@desktop:/home/user# adduser new_user1 sudo password for root: Adding user `new_user1' to group `sudo' ... Adding user new_user1 to group sudo Done.

Log out of root by typing exit. Test it by updating and upgrading your current system packages with sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade.

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